Tech Tips

Secrets to a Great Brake Job

  • Be sure the vehicle is safe.  Use the proper jack or lift, safety stands and wheel chocks.
  • Remove the master cylinder cap.  Be careful, brake fluid can ruin paint.
  • Loosen but don’t remove the lug nuts before lifting the vehicle.
  • Take pictures so you know how everything goes back together.
  • Once the wheel is off, use one lug nut to secure the rotor.  Use a hook or strap to support the caliper.
  • Remove the old pads and inspect for unusual wear.
  • Push the pistons back out of the way.  The old pad and a c-clamp often work.  Do not damage the piston seals.
  • Install the new pads.  If the inner and outer pads are different, be sure to install the new ones correctly.
  • Use the new parts in the hardware kit.  Some hardware kits may include extra parts for additional applications.
  • Keep the rotor and pads clean and grease-free.  New rotors should be washed in soap & water before installing.  Installed rotors can be cleaned with aerosol brake cleaner.
  • Re-install the wheel, lower the vehicle and replace the master cylinder cap.
  • Tighten the lug nuts to the proper torque with a torque wrench.  
  • With the vehicle in Park, pump the brake pedal to extend the pistons until the pedal feels firm.
  • Make a few low speed, safe stops to ensure everything is working.  TEK-MOTIVE pads do not require extensive break-in.

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